Premium Cars

Loans against premium cars

From unexpected house repairs to a new baby on the way, we know there are all sorts of reasons why you might be looking for some extra cash. And if you need to raise funds in a hurry, you could be considering selling your premium car and downgrading to a less appealing model.

However, with Bonington Loans you have another option. We provide short term loans secured against premium cars as an alternative to conventional borrowing methods or selling your prized set of wheels.

Cars you can borrow against

Our experts will provide an offer, based on that day's valuation of your vehicle’s make, model, condition and current market conditions. We’ll consider popular premium car brands, including:

We’re fully insured and will hold your car in secure storage for the duration of your loan.

How It Works

  • Submit asset details

    Use our simple, intitive online portal to submit the details of your luxury items for valuation

  • Accept our loan offer

    Our experts will give you a fair and honest loan offer against your assets in as little as 24 hours.

  • Money transferred

    As soon as we receive your items we will release funds into your account by bank transfer.

Apply now

No lengthy application procedure, credit checks or intrusive questions. Receive a fair and honest loan offer.